ABOUT TRONCONES Troncones is positioned on the west coast of Mexico in the state of Guerrero. Tucked between the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, its optimal location protects it from tropical storms and hurricanes. No major storm has hit this area in living memory. It is a more relaxed lifestyle here than you’ll find in many destination resort towns. There are several small inns, B & Bs, restaurants and many lovely private homes, several of which are available to rent. The seafood is fresh, the sunsets awesome and the locals (native and foreign-born) are friendly. It’s a little bit of Paradise. Did we mention the five kilometers of often nearly empty beaches? We have a few surf shops, several boutiques, a couple yoga retreats, and a whole lot of bougainvillea, hibiscus, colorful birds and tropical fruit plus a plentitude of palm trees swaying in the breezes off our ocean. During high season there is increased social activity and more live music, and often dancing, in at least one or another of our restaurants. What Troncones doesn’t have is a Carlo’s & Charlie’s or Señor Frog’s. Nor is it exactly an umbrella in your glass type of place. This is not just a tourist destination, this is a real village and real people live their lives here, or half their lives in the case of our six-months a year residents. Some of us live privately and quietly and others prefer to get more involved in the community, the same as anywhere. We have a kindergarten, a primary school and a small junior high school equivalent. There is a pretty church, a rural medical clinic with dispensing pharmacy and a number of tiendas that sell enough produce and dry goods to keep you going for several days. In our high season there is a fruit and vegetable truck that “does” the beach road 6 or 7 days a week. Fresh fish is available, either directly from the fishermen or else from a fish purveyor who is set up on the main road through the village each morning. There are two basic seasons in Troncones, the high season and the green season. The high season runs more or less from November to May, the green season from June through October. The high season has slightly cooler temperatures and little to no rain. Cool breezes come in off the ocean and while much of the US and Canada is locked in winter, we pass our days under clear blue skies and temperatures in the mid 80s. The green season brings slightly warmer temperatures, higher humidity and tropical showers that conveniently happen most often late in the day or during the night. With the rain, the surrounding hillsides are vibrantly green and full of wildflowers, birds and butterflies. We naturally have more snowbirds and tourists during high season with people escaping northern winters. Our green season, however, also attracts people who revel in verdant subtropical surroundings, the quieter pace and the magic of the lightning shows we sometimes get on some summer evenings. Some of the best surfing conditions also occur during summer and fall.
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Troncones, México
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