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Troncones, México
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This unique beach front home sits on an extra long beach front lot, about 20 meters of beach front by 75 meters deep, situated a few lots south of Troncones Point, the southern entry point to Manzanillo Bay. The home is maybe what the Swiss Family Robinson family would have built had they the means and space to do so. If you are a fan of tropical hardwoods, you’ll absolutely love this home. Tall wooden pillars hold up the soaring wooden ceiling. The floor is sandstone tile. The huge kitchen is fronted by a long curved wooden bar and the kitchen island is topped with granite. A door leads to a large walk-in pantry. The large airy sense of open space in the living area, and the earthy components of the home, give the place a peaceful grounded feeling. Upstairs there is a huge master suite facing the ocean. The en suite bathroom includes a really large shower, a bathtub and a bidet. There is tons of closet space and all kinds of storage. Outside of the master suite a wide shaded balcony runs the breadth of the house. Everything in the house is generously sized, including the views. Beside the house is a yoga platform. Closer to the beach is an open-air sleeping platform on raised pillars. Behind the house there are caretaker’s quarters, a 2-car garage, laundry room and bodega. The home is situated on a quiet unpaved spur road off of the main beach road. The section of beach in front of the home is lightly traveled so increases the property’s privacy. Good swimming and restaurants are only a 5-minute walk away on the sandier shores of Manzanillo Bay. Offered at: $695,000. USD