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Troncones, México
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This   well   maintained   and   comfortable   2-story, 2-bedroom,    2-bath    beach    home    is    priced    to move.        The    home    is    within    easy    walking distance   of   a   variety   of   restaurants,   two   cafes, several    tiendas    and    everything    else    in    the village of Troncones. From    the    fence    on    the    street    side,    and    the ironwood   gate,   you   can’t   help   but   notice   the many    coconut    palm    trees    on    the    property. There    are    32    all    told.        They    provide    lovely shade   to   the   property   as   well   as   plenty   of   coco water.      In   addition   to   the   coco   palms   there   are smaller   palms,   a   spectacular   fan   palm,   a   big gorgeous    blue    agave    and    an    assortment    of cactus    type    plants.    There    are    hibiscus    and other   flowering   plants   close   to   the   patio   but otherwise   most   of   the   landscaping   needs   little to no water beyond what nature provides. There   is   a   large   patio   area   on   the   beach   side   of the    house.    A    generous    tiled    roof    angled    to optimize   the   shade   covers   the   patio   overhead.     From   there   the   home   opens   to   a   “great   room” on   the   lower   level   that   includes   the   kitchen, dining   and   living   room   areas   below   approximately   10-foot   ceilings.      The   kitchen   boasts   beautiful   handmade   talavera   tiles, as   do   both   bathrooms   in   the   home.      The   built-in   seating   area   and   the   dining   table   face   the   ocean   through   open   double accordion doors that when totally open create a 10 foot wide breeze way. There   are   3   steps   up   into   the   bedroom   area   and   tiled   bathroom   with   shower.      There   is   currently   a   matrimonial   bed   in   this room   though   plenty   of   room   for   a   king   bed.      Between   the   large   screened   windows   in   the   bedroom   and   dining   areas,   the wide doorway, and the high ceilings, the interior remains a pleasant temperature. There   is   a   curved   stairway   from   the   patio   to   the   second   story.      In   front   of   the   bedroom   there   is   a   large   covered   terrace.      It measures   about   10   x   17   feet,   which   is   plenty   of   room   for   a   large   dining   table   or   hanging   hammocks   or   several   lounge chairs   with   small   tables.      From   this   terrace   one   can   enjoy   expanded   views   of   the   beach   and   ocean.   The   terrace   is   edged with pickets made from Pacific Northwest cedar.    The   upstairs   interior,   with   its   super-high   ceilings,   houses   a   king-sized   bedroom,   bathroom   and   small   kitchenette.      There is   also   a   deep   built-in   cushioned   couch   large   enough   to   serve   as   a   spare   bed.      There   is   a   small   closet   and   lots   of   shelf space in the bedroom and bathrooms. Bricked   walkways   surround   the   entire   house   and   meander   to   the   beach.   From   the   covered   brick   patio   in   front   of   the house,   there   extends   a   further   several   meters   of   open-air   patio,   finished   in   concrete   with   pebble   details.      At   the   back   of the home is a laundry room and bodega for storage. New   tarpaper   was   laid   under   the   home’s   roof   tiles   approximately   two   years   ago.   The   entire   interior   of   the   home   was freshly painted this month, January 2017. The   home   is   situated   fairly   far   back   on   the   lot   and   close   to   the   northern   side   of   the   lot.      This   leaves   an   enormous   amount of space for putting in a pool and whatever additional construction a new owner might like to add. Offered at: $362,000 USD