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Troncones, México
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This     pretty     2     story,     3-bedroom,     3.5-bath beachfront     home     sits     in     a     sweet     spot     on majestic    Playa    Pantla,    about    a    fifteen-minute drive   from   Troncones.      The   home   is   being   sold fully    furnished    except    for    a    few    pieces    of artwork received as gifts. The   second   story   is   the   main   part   of   the   home, accessed     by     front     stairs     with     an     excellent handrail.    One    passes    through    the    front    door into    a    very    high-ceilinged,    comfortable    great room.      On   the   left   is   a   small   but   well   designed kitchen   with   good   counter   space,   a   double   sink, lots   of   shelving   and   plenty   of   cupboards,   one   of which   houses   a   cool   built-in   2-level   lazy   Susan.     From     the     kitchen     you     can     see     past     the living/dining   room   area   to   the   expansive   ocean views in front. On   your   right   there   is   a   powder   room   and   then the   entry   to   the   master   bedroom.      This   lovely airy   bedroom   has   high   ceilings,   two   overhead fans,   lots   of   windows   for   cross   breezes,   a   built- in   king   bed   and   two   big   beautiful   tall   closets, each   about   7’   wide.      The   en   suite   master   bath includes   a   large   walk-in   shower.      The   bedroom   is   plumbed   for   a/c   but   the   owners   have   never   felt   the   need   during   their   6- month stays in the high season. Outside of the bedroom door to the right is an alcove that serves as the office area. The   pleasant   living/dining   room   area   opens   to   a   covered,   tiled   terrace   that   stretches   two-thirds   of   the   way   across   the front   of   the   home.      From   the   terrace   are   incredible   views   of   the   wide   beach,   the   Pacific   Ocean   and   silhouettes   of   Ixtapa   in the   far   distance.      This   is   a   perfect   place   to   watch   for   whales,   enjoy   the   pelican   fly-bys   or   just   generally   commune   with nature.  There is plenty of space here for a large dining table, lounge chairs or hammocks. On   the   first   level   of   the   house   are   two   large,   very   spacious   bedrooms   with   en   suite   bathrooms.   These   rooms   have   12’ ceilings,   built-in   queen   beds   and   a   shelf   that   runs   the   length   of   the   room.      There   are   nice   closets   that   include   drawers   and storage   shelves.      These   rooms   also   have   sitting   areas,   small   fridges,   entertainment   units,   tables,   chairs   plus   couches   that convert   to   an   extra   bed.      Both   rooms   open   to   a   covered   terrace   that   runs   the   width   of   the   building.      From   here   you   are   just a few steps away from the door/gate to the beach. Behind   the   home   is   a   utility   building   that,   besides   a   bodega,   includes   a   laundry   room,   a   full   bath   and   a   small   kitchen extremely   handy   for   outdoor   entertaining.      On   the   east   side   of   this   building   is   a   covered   sitting   area   and   table   that   the owners use for craft projects. Across   the   way   is   a   tile-roofed   spacious   outdoor   dining/entertainment   area   with   a   beautiful   mosaic   tiled   table   and   bench seats.  Close by are three raised garden beds that usually bear a bounty of vegetables and herbs. In   the   northeast   corner   of   the   property   are   spacious   caretakers   quarters   that   include   a   king   bed,   kitchen   and   full   bath.     There is covered parking for one vehicle and plenty of off-street parking for more. Bricked   walkways   connect   the   various   areas   of   the   yard   that   boasts   palm   trees,   ferns,   crotons   and   yellow-flowered mandevillas amongst the tropical offerings. This   lovingly   cared   for   home   sits   on   a   1000   square   meter   lot   on   Playa   Pantla.   This   pristine   palm   tree   lined   beach   extends for approximately 4 kilometers and looks like it could be part of a national park. Offered at: $265,000 USD