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Troncones, México
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You   would   almost   expect   to   find   this   vacation home   on   a   not   quite   deserted   island   instead   of on   a   stretch   of   quiet   road   in   a   small   seaside village in Mexico. The    front    of    the    home    is    open    to    the    ocean breezes   and   the   generous   roof   overhang   keeps the    interior    in    shade    most    of    the    day.    The mature    tropical    landscaping    includes    many palms   and   ferns   with   accents   of   crotons   and other   colorful   foliage.   Gold   sand   covers   much of the grounds; the beach is wide and inviting. The   main   house   is   raised   4   feet   above   ground level,    has    wood    floors    throughout,    a    soaring palapa    roof    and    a    large    high-ceilinged    loft.      The   loft   is   roughly   360   square   feet   in   total   and includes   spacious   sleeping   areas   on   either   side of    a    conveniently    situated    half    bath.        Each sleeping   area   currently   has   two   twin   beds   but could   fit   a   king   bed   with   room   to   spare.      Sitting areas occupy the front part of the loft. On    the    lower    level    you’ll    find    the    kitchen, master   bedroom   area,   full   bath,   and   living   and dining   areas.         The   kitchen   can   be   entered   from the   front   of   the   house   or   through   a   door   at   the   back.      The   kitchen   has   a   double   sink,   decent   counter   space,   under   the counter   storage   areas   and   4   large   pantry   type   cupboards   with   large   shelves.   Both   the   breakfast   bar   and   the   dining   table are made out of beautiful parota wood. The   master   bedroom   has   a   king-sized   bed,   full   bathroom   with   a   closet,   several   shelves   and   more   storage   areas.   There   is also   a   separate   door   from   the   bathroom   to   the   outside,   down   a   few   stairs.      There   are   accordion   doors   at   the   front   of   the bedroom   for   privacy.      The   living   area   includes   a   tropical   hanging   swing.      Some   of   the   walls   are   bamboo,   others   are   polished cement. There   is   a   patio   stretching   from   the   front   of   the   house   to   the   pool   area,   covered   in   a   herringbone   brick   design.      The   seating area   beside   the   pool   is   shaded   and   pleasant.      There   is   an   outdoor   shower   between   the   beach   and   pool   area   along   with   a variety of seating areas. The   north   and   south   sides   of   the   property   are   fenced,   with   the   addition   of   some   tall   walls   on   the   south   side   providing privacy.      The   front   of   the   property   where   it   meets   the   beach   is   lined   with   a   low   wall   of   rocks   and   hedges   plus   a   gate.      On   the sand in front is a beach ramada perfect for hammocks. At   the   street   side   of   the   property   is   a   2-story   adobe   structure,   perfect   for   caretakers   or   extra   dwelling   space   for   family   or renters.      Upstairs   is   a   screened-in   bedroom   with   a   king   bed   and   half   bath   plus   a   balcony   large   enough   for   a   hammock   or   a couple   of   chairs   and   a   little   table.   Downstairs   there   is   a   bathroom   with   shower,   a   small   kitchen   and   a   washing   machine behind separate closed doors. The   street   side   of   the   property   is   fenced   and   covered   with   bounteous,   lush   mandevilla   plants.      The   driveway   and   off   street parking area are paved with river rocks. Offered at: $475,000. USD