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Troncones, México
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This   nicely   situated   modest   1-bedroom,   1-bath cottage    has    a    large    living/dining    area,    good counter    space    in    the    kitchen,    and    a    covered porch    facing    the    ocean.    The    cottage    interior totals   about   900   square   feet.      There   is   covered parking   for   one   small   vehicle   and   a   stand-alone bodega. The   cottage   is   situated   toward   the   back   of   the property     so     there     is     plenty     of     room     for additional construction. There   are   many   tropical   plants   and   flowering shrubs   on   the   property   including   bougainvillea, mandevilla,    various    types    of    hibiscus    and    a beautiful   tamarind   tree.      There   are   also   several palm   trees   on   the   lot   and   on   the   beach   in   front of the house that provide nice shade. The    1000    square    meter    lot    (approximately    a quarter   acre)   is   fenced   on   three   sides   and   has   a low      rock      wall      along      the      20      meters      of beachfront.    The    beach    in    front    is    wide    and sandy. This   property   is   located   about   1.5   kilometers north of the village proper and about the same distance south of Manzanillo Bay. Offered at: $299,000 USD