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Troncones, México
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This     2-bedroom,     2-bath     Troncones     beach house     is     located     on     a     quiet     stretch     of oceanfront   in   our   residential   zone.      The   large open-air   kitchen,   dining   and   living   area   are   on the   lower   level   of   the   house,   as   is   a   spacious master   suite   with   king   bed   and   full   bath.      The kitchen    has    breakfast    bar    and    an    enclosed pantry.   A   tiled   roof,   fringed   with   palapa   fronds, covers    the    wooden    ceiling    over    the    kitchen area. On   the   upper   level   of   the   home   you’ll   find   a king    sized    open-air    suite    with    a    full    bath, under   a   high   beautiful   palapa   style   roof.   There is also a seating area facing seaward. The   house   itself   is   about   1500   square   feet   with another   900+   square   feet   of   enramada   covered patio   area.      There   are   sun   and   rain   “curtains” for   the   east   and   half   of   the   south   sides.      There is   also   a   separate   storage   building   of   about   300 square feet and covered parking for one car. The   property   provides   a   lot   of   privacy.   The   lot is   elevated   so   the   house   is   pretty   much   out   of sight   from   the   beach   and   cannot   be   seen   from the   street   either.   There   is   a   tall   wall   on   the   north   side   of   the   lot   and   a   vegetation   covered   fence   on   the   south   side,   behind which are three, as yet, undeveloped wooded lots.  There is plenty of extra room on this approximately 1000 square meter lot for whatever a new owner might like to add. Offered at: $350,000. USD