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Troncones, México
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This     lovely     3-bedroom,     3-bath     beachfront home   is   located   on   a   quiet   stretch   of   Playa Troncones.  It is being offered fully furnished. The   attractive   street   side   entry   includes   rock pillars,   a   tall   gated   vehicle   entrance   and   an arched   pedestrian   entrance,   all   topped   with   a tiled    roof    and    softened    by    perfectly    placed tropical    plants.        The    driveway    and    interior parking     area     is     concrete     enhanced     with pretty   river   rocks.      There   is   space   for   2   or   3 cars to park inside the gate. Upon    entering    the    property,    to    the    left    is    a casita   which   houses   a   spacious   bedroom   with king   bed   plus   shelves,   drawers   and   cabinets providing   plentiful   storage.      There   is   a   kitchen with    a    stovetop,    a    double-sink    plus    a    bar counter,   dining   table   and   benches   all   made   of parota   wood   (a   tropical   hardwood).   Off   of   the kitchen   is   a   large   walk-in   pantry   where   you’ll find   the   refrigerator   and   lots   of   shelves   and cupboards.      There   is   a   bathroom   on   the   south side.        The    floors    are    polished    cement    in emerald   hues   with   stone   details.      The   casita also houses a laundry room with washer, dryer and storage space. A   few   steps   over   golden   sand   and   you’re   at   the   main   casa   that   is   covered   overhead   by   a   soaring   palapa   roof.      There   are four   wide   flagstone   stairs   up   to   the   curved   front   living   area   that   boasts   a   huge   built-in   couch   that   centers   the   area. Behind and to either side are two large identical bedrooms. Each   of   the   bedrooms   has   a   built-in   king   bed   and   a   set   of   accordion   doors   in   front   to   provide   privacy.   Behind   the bedrooms   are   huge   bathrooms   with   parota   wood   counters,   shelves   and   closets.      Above   the   adobe   type   pony   walls   are woven   wood   privacy   walls   that   nearly   reach   the   bottom   of   the   palapa   overhang,   so   though   technically   “open-air”   one cannot   see   in   the   bedrooms   from   any   angle,   unless   the   accordion   doors   are   open.      The   edges   of   the   palapa   roof   are   low enough   to   provide   ample   shade   within   the   casa   but   not   so   low   as   to   impede   the   view   of   the   beach   and   ocean   from   the couch and the beds. From   the   main   casa,   looking   toward   the   beach,   it   is   a   short   distance   to   the   pool   that   is   about   1½   meters   deep   and   has   a stone   pathway   around   it   bordered   by   hedges   of   exhora   plants.      To   the   right   of   the   pool   is   a   spacious,   covered   outdoor dining   and   entertainment   area.      There   is   a   large   polished   concrete   table   that   sits   8   comfortably.      To   one   side   there   is   a hanging   swing/bench   and   on   another   side   is   an   inviting   hammock.      Between   the   casa   and   the   covered   dining   area   is   an open area for chaise lounges. Behind the entertainment area is a small building that houses the pool equipment.   Relatively few people walk this less populated section of the beach further enhancing the privacy of the property.  Offered at:   $450,000. USD