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Troncones, México
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This    3-bedroom,    4-bath    oceanfront    home    is located    along    a    quiet    stretch    of    Troncones Beach.            The      home      sits      on      a      tropically landscaped   lot   of   about   1000   square   meters.      It is being offered fully furnished. From   the   beautiful   entry   of   the   main   house   one passes    into    the    open    concept    interior    that contains   a   large   kitchen   with   big   breakfast   bar, the   dining   and   family   room,   plus   a   full   bath   and laundry.      There   is   a   built-in   barbecue   outside the   back   entrance.      The   second   floor   mezzanine takes     up     the     entire     second     story     and     has panoramic view potential. In    front    of    the    main    house    there    are    two standalone   700   square   foot   bungalows.      Each bungalow       houses       a       spacious       king-sized bedroom,    walk-in    closet,    living/seating    area, and    full    bathroom.        Both    have    beach    front patios. The   property   is   located   on   a   spectacular   stretch of    near    private    beach,    shaded    by    Manzanillo trees.      Being   elevated   somewhat   from   the   beach level adds to the home’s privacy. There   is   a   self-contained   caretaker   bungalow   with   kitchenette   and   bath   on   the   property   and   a   one-car   garage.      The driveway from the street is paved and there is off street parking inside the gate. The construction totals approximately 4000 square feet. The   home   is   about   a   2-minute   drive   south   of   Manzanillo   Bay   and   about   a   6-minute   drive   north   of   the   village   proper   of Troncones. Offered at:  $400,000. USD