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TRONCONES BEACH PROPERTY Dewey’s Troncones, México
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This property faces a beautiful cove that is a  prime spot for watching whales and  seabirds. The rocky outcroppings north and  south of the cove have tide pools to explore  and there are also shells to be found on this  beach, a rarity on the five kilometers of Playa Troncones. From the street side, a wide entry opens to a  breezeway that runs through the center of  this 3-bedroom, 3-bath home.  On either side of the breezeway are bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, plus living and dining areas. The spacious bedroom on the south side has a king-sized bed, large bathroom with closet  and storage space, plus a view of the ocean.  The floors are topped with onyx tiles, as are  the shower walls.  In front of and one step  down from the bedroom is a large  living/dining room patio area with a high  tiled roof overhead for shade.  In front of that is more patio space that is completely open. The similarly sized bedroom on the north side of the ground level currently has two single  beds.  The tiled bathroom on this side includes a 5-door curved closet.  These two rooms also have onyx floor tiles.  In  front of this bedroom is another covered living/dining area and a kitchen.  The latter has a fridge, stovetop space, plus  lots of cabinets and cupboards.  It includes a pass-through to the living/dining area with a large onyx covered bar that  can be closed off with accordion type shutters. Again there is an open, uncovered patio in front of this area. From the breezeway there is a curved stairway up to the second story. At the top of the stairs is a large covered patio with awesome views of the beach and ocean. Built-in seating areas flank either side of the patio. The entrance to the high  ceilinged upstairs bedroom is through a huge arched and windowed door. There is a built-in king sized bed and seating  area in front of it.  The cream colored tiled bathroom off of the bedroom includes accent tiles of various colored fish and  dolphins. It also sports a bidet.  Off the other side of the bedroom is a nice sized kitchen. There is a fridge, sink, stovetop space, plus lots of cupboards  above the counters and cabinets below.  On the north side of the kitchen is a wide multi-paneled window that opens to a counter/bar about 7 feet long, covered in cream-colored tiles with aquatic accents. North of the kitchen is another large  patio, partially covered near the bar but otherwise open to the sky with mountain views to the east and the ocean to the  north beyond Punta Majahua. From the house, gravel paths outlined with river rocks meander toward the beach. The property is mostly xeriscaped  needing little water.  Plantings near the paths include various types of palms, exhora, hibiscus, Hawaiian ginger plants,  aloe vera, blue agaves, plumeria, and organ cactus.  There is ample space on this extra large lot for additional  construction and/or a pool, if desired. The beach here is special. White sand gently slopes down to the water lapping on the shore of the cove. It is an excellent place for contemplating the universe, the ocean or the starry sky at night. This property runs to approximately 1,440 square meters, nearly half again the size of most lots on Playa Troncones.  The village of Majahua, home to our local fishing fleet, is but a few minutes walk away. There are several family owned  restaurants in the area and Playa Majahua to the north offers a spectacular palm tree lined beach that is great for walking and also surfing in some spots. Offered at:  $395,000. USD    (Motivated seller)
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