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Troncones, México
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This   beautiful   one-bedroom   beachfront   condo is   in   arguably   the   best   location   in   Troncones. Situated    in    the    southern    curve    of    Manzanillo Bay   it   has   spectacular   views   and   is   only   steps away    from    the    water.        Besides    being    very swimmable,   the   Bay   is   also   a   great   place   for surfing,    boogie    boarding,    stand-up    paddling, beach walks, and a selection of restaurants. Designed     and     built     by     renowned     Mexican architect/builder,   Enrique   Zozaya,   this   ground level   condo   reflects   thoughtful   consideration   in every   detail.      The   ceilings   are   high,   the   rooms are   spacious   and   it   maintains   a   nice   feeling   of privacy. The   front   door   opens   to   the   great   room   that includes   a   lovely   kitchen   with   a   granite-topped island     and     counters,     a     smooth-top     electric range,    stainless    steel    refrigerator,    microwave, and      dishwasher.            Across      the      room,      the entertainment   area   and   curved   built-in   seating area enjoy a fabulous view of the bay.  Sliding    glass    doors    across    the    front    of    the condo    open    wide    so    that    the    generous    patio area   feels   like   a   continuation   of   the   great   room.   Here   you’ll   find   the   dining   area   and   a   private   plunge   pool.      There   is   plenty of room out here for lounge chairs, a barbecue and other accoutrements of leisure and entertainment. From   the   great   room,   two   steps   up   take   you   into   the   beautifully   appointed   king   sized   bedroom.   The   floors   are   adobe colored   polished   tiles   with   bright   white   pebble   accents   throughout.   The   room   boasts   a   huge   closet   and   there   are   sliding frosted   glass   privacy   walls.      The   bathroom   area   with   two   sinks   and   an   indoor/outdoor   shower,   plus   the   laundry   room,   are off of the bedroom. The condo is being sold furnished, with kitchenware and furniture. Offered at: $250,000 USD