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Troncones, México
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Beach Front Lot Listings
SRL-1 Spectacular one-acre beach front lot on Manzanillo Point. 185.5 feet (56.5 meters) of beach front, elevated bank. Offered at: $990,000 USD (motivated seller)
NCL-6 These two adjacent lots comprise about a half-acre of prime beachfront property a half kilometer north of the Troncones T. The location is within easy walking distance of cafes, restaurants, a yoga retreat and a local day spa. It’s about a 10-minute walk to the village center. The two lots together have just over 39 meters (129 feet) of beachfront and a total area of about 1,990 square meters. The lots are to be sold together. Offered at: $580,000 USD
Ocean View Lot Listings
NCL-4 Ocean View Lot, double size, 2km north of the Troncones T Area: 2508.90 square meters or .62 acres Offered at: $150,000. USD
Off Beach Lot Listings
NBL-2.1 An acre+ large lot, prime location. 262 feet (80 meters) of road frontage, across the street from the only beach access to Manzanillo Bay. Total area: 4,600 square meters or 1.14 acres. Offered at: $350,000 USD
Large Beach Front Lot on beautiful Playa Majahua 63 feet (19.25 meters) of beach front Total area: 1,925 square meters or .47+ acres Offered at: $250,000. USD
Two contiguous lots between the main Beach Road and Spur Road SRL-2 First lot: Beach Road frontage: 47 meters Area: 970 square meters or almost a quarter acre Offered at: $77,600. USD SRL-3 Second lot - Area: 1001 square meters or approximately a quarter acre Offered at $80,150. USD
NCL-5 These adjacent lots are across the street from the Beach and about 1¼ kilometers north of the Troncones T. They are to be sold together. Each lot is about 20 meters wide for a combined total of 40 meters (or 131 feet) of road frontage. Both lots are approximately 44 meters deep. Their respective areas are 788 and 761 square meters for a total of 1549 square meters. The backs of the lots, especially, are considerably higher than sea level so would have potential ocean views from the second storey. Offered at: $140,000. USD
SRL-4 Spur Road frontage: 50.45 meters Area: 1088 square meters Offered at: $95,000 USD
NCL-2 These 4 adjacent lots are the highest beachfront lots in Troncones. They are located just a short 5-minute walk away from Manzanillo Bay. They are to be sold together. They have a total 80 meters (262 feet) of beachfront. Their total area is 5,428 square meters or 1.34 acres. Offered at: $1,357,000.00 USD