Troncones, México
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SCH-1 Beach Front Hotel and Restaurant on Playa Troncones It’s    all    about    location    and    amenities.        This well-loved   beach   front   hotel   is   one   of   the   first places    you’ll    see    when    you    turn    on    to    the Troncones   Beach   Road   heading   north.      It’s   in   a great    location    close    to    the    village,    several tiendas,   restaurants,   boutiques,   surf   shops   and just   about   everything   else   hotel   guests   might want. The    hotel    reflects    a    Colonial    style    influence with       arches,       tiles       and       lush       tropical landscaping.      It   sits   on   two   lots   (about   a   half acre    total)    in    the    middle    of    beautiful    Playa Troncones. Upon   your   first   steps   into   the   hotel   lobby   from the   street,   your   eyes   are   drawn   immediately through   the   building   to   the   ocean.      It’s   waiting for   you,   just   out   there.   Administration   is   on your   right   and   a   gift   shop   on   your   left.   From the    white    tiled    lobby    there    are    a    few    stairs down   to   the   walkways   that   lead   through   the garden     to     the     suites     and     bungalows…or onward to the pool, restaurant, bar and beach. The   two-story   main   building   faces   the   beach and   has   beautiful   views   of   mature   gardens   in the   foreground,   the   swimming   pool,   beach   and the Pacific Ocean beyond. The   ten   spacious   air-conditioned   suites   in   the   main   building   have   seating/dining   areas,   kitchens,   private   baths   with showers,   plus   large   private   terraces.      Some   of   the   suites   have   full   sized   fridges,   some   have   an   extra   bedroom,   some   have king-sized beds and one, two, or more single beds as well. The   four   private   bungalows   each   have   a   king-sized   bed,   private   bathroom   with   shower,   air   conditioning,   private   patio and views of the ocean. In   total   the   hotel   has   16   guest   rooms.   Including   the   lobby   and   gift   shop,   there   is   over   11,000   square   feet   of   construction. This does not, however, include the open-air restaurant, the bar or the large pool. This   is   a   popular   hotel   for   couples   and   families   alike.      There   are   many   satisfied   loyal   clients   who   return   year   after   year.     The staff is highly praised in reviews, in part for how well maintained they keep the property. Offered at: $950,000. USD