This free-standing Condo has a top-drawer view of Troncones’ sunsets every day of the year. It is mere steps away from the sand and surf on one of the prettiest beaches in Mexico. It doesn’t get much better than that. The air-conditioned master bedroom is located on the top floor of this 2-story Condo. From the king-sized bed it has an unobstructed 160 degree view of the Pacific Ocean and anything that happens to be swimming, flying, or floating by. It includes a nice sized closet with a hanging rod and shelves behind beautiful woven parota wood doors. It has a peaked wooden ceiling and tropical wood framed partially glassed doors. At the other end of the top floor is a second air-conditioned bedroom with the same expansive view. It currently holds two single beds, on frames versus built-in, so that the bed arrangement could be changed or the room turned into a studio or whatever a new owner might prefer. It also has the peaked wooden ceiling and beautiful doors. Between the two anchoring bedrooms is a bathroom that has a bath tub/shower, one of the few actual bath tubs in Troncones. Running the length of the building, in front of the mentioned rooms, is a covered outdoor living area. It is widest in front of the master bedroom where there is a very pleasant sitting area, with a couch, comfortable chairs and a couple small tables. This is probably one of the best whale watching spots on the property and the same goes for sunsets. Connecting the two stories is a curved, almost spiral, concrete staircase at the south side of the building. There are great views from every step. Near the stairs is the third bedroom. It is similar to the second upstairs bedroom but without the peaked ceiling. It currently also has two single beds in the room which, again, is a flexible arrangement. In the middle of the lower level is a second bathroom with shower. It is conveniently located not far from the entertainment area as well as the bedroom. The heart of the home, the kitchen, takes up the northwest corner of the building. It’s open to the air on two sides and is fully equipped. There’s a stove with oven and plenty of counter space, cupboards, drawers and shelves. There is a pantry on the south side where the dishes and such live along with the stainless steel fridge behind a door. The kitchen has a high ceiling and enjoys really nice views. The interior counters are made of polished concrete. The breakfast bar however is made of beautiful thick tropical wood. The bar stools in front are also made of tropical hardwoods. This level also has a shaded living area in front of the rooms described. Currently there is a beautiful wooden dining table that seats six with an awesome built-in view of the Pacific Ocean. Additional cushioned chairs are placed here and there for sitting, reading, chatting or just possibly for enjoying adult beverages. Gorgeous tropical hardwoods have been used here and there throughout the Condo. The builder included many pebble accents throughout that add to the overall beach feeling of the place. The Condo is in a very good location with several restaurants within easy walking distance and even the tiendas of the village are only about a 12 to 15 minute walk away. The Condominium is professionally managed with a well run HOA and experienced, well-liked caretakers looking after the property. This particular Condo has proved to be a very popular rental. It is being offered for sale fully furnished. Offered at: $625,000.00 USD
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